Engineering Design Projects 2015-2021

Portfolio Hub

The projects in this portfolio are concerned with functional mechanical design, commercial product development, optimal control and the integration of mechanical, electrical, and computer coded designs.

Modular Undulatory Fish Robot

Proform Packaging Tray

Vacuum Converted Drill

Rock-Paper-Scissors Robot

Light Orb

LPT Pick & Place

Autonomous Maze-Solving Tennis Ball-Collecting Robot

Deterministic Dynamic Programming Shortest Path Planning

3D Prints

About Me

Patrick Burke recently graduated from The Pennsylvania State University receiving a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on robotics. He also received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. For his research, he worked in the BioRob-InFL Laboratory developing an eel-like swimming robot that will utilized as a research platform to explore Neuroscience, Biomechanics and Hydrodynamics. He has worked in product design for manufacturing, manufacturing automation, and mechatronic system design with extensive experience using CAD software to develop parts for manufacturing and training vision systems for automated product inspection. Outside of engineering he spends most of his free time outside hiking or snowboarding, playing video games, listening to electronic music, tinkering with various engineering projects and building and flying quadcopters.


For any inquiries feel free to reach out to me at or on my LinkedIn profile.